Welcome to our 2012 Mock Draft !
Draft order has been determined based on the standings as seen on NFL.com following the final week of regulation play. This order may change depending upon play-off position and final results at the end of the season. The winner of the Super Bowl will pick 32nd and the loser picks 31st regardless of their regular season records. Other play-off teams will be positioned based on their regular season schedule. If a play-off team has the same regular season record as a team not in the play-offs, the play-off team will draft later. If there are two play-off teams with the same regular season record, the team going deeper in the play-offs will draft later with strength-of-schedule being used as a tiebreaker if both teams lose in the same play-off round.

For our readers,

Our goal is to provide a mock draft that is based on what we think a team is going to do as opposed to what we think they should do. We've love to get 32 out of 32.

We do not include speculative trades as part of the mock draft, but we will be sure to mention them if we feel the likelihood warrants it. We will always keep our ears open for the ramblings of Mayock, Kiper and McShay even if we have to wonder who exactly is pulling their strings - honorable mentions go to Glazer as Matt holds him in high regard. It's no secret that at times they serve interests greater than their own. In a draft season defined by misinformation and subterfuge, it is important to distinguish between fact and fiction, and in that regard we believe we are ahead of the curve.

About the Combine:

Like anyone interested in the draft, we watched our share of the Combine and it's important to remember that G.M.s and head coaches are only swayed so much by these performances. The drills at the Combine do not measure the player's motor, durability, selflessness, leadership, instincts or heart. No G.M. worth their job title should ever view Combine results as reason to rocket a player up their own draft board; nevertheless, it seems to happen every year. We've included height, weight and Combine 40 yard dash times (if available) this year to help make player comparisons easier.

Of course, you gotta love what you do. We've spent countless hours pouring over team rosters, recent draft trends, free-agent moves and anything else we can find in hopes of eventually sitting down and debating our way through the first 2 or 3 rounds. It's all part of the process and the process is good. We hope you enjoy our mock and find yourself disagreeing with at least some of it. The debate is the best part.

Thanks for visiting,

Matt & Rob


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